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Welcome to business ideas for dummies where my goal is to show you and guide you on what it takes to build upon profitable online business ideas 2014.

As I mention in the video above, building an online business is not much different then building an offline business such as a restaurant, gym, or franchise (Starbucks or McDonalds).

Any business in the world today can only succeed through great marketing. Marketing though is not only what most people think. When it comes to marketing, people think about flyers and TV Commercials.

Many look at online marketing and think that all it provides are illegal ideas to make money for someone else. This is because they’ve had bad experiences with the wrong people but like all things, a bad apple usually spoils the bunch.

Online marketing is not a scam.

It is not a scheme. It is a legitimate way to make money. If you have the right support group, opportunity, and leaders. First learn to follow, learn to educate yourself, and learn exactly what it means to grow a business.

Online marketing also known as internet marketing provides low cost business ideas that won’t break your bank account but can really change your financial future.

Marketing is not only flyers and commercials. Real marketing though goes deeper then that.

Marketing is having the ability to bring customers to your business.

Whether that is your website or your restaurant, the more potential clients and buyers you can get through the door the better.

The next important part of running a business is the sales part. You must be able to convert those potential buyers and make them actually buy something. What good does it do to you or anybody in general to have massive amounts of people come to your website or establishment and not be able to make a single sale?

These my friend are two of the most important aspects of having a successful online and offline business. Even though what you are going to learn from me by optin in to my subscribers list can help you in any business in general, you must take the necessary steps to achieve success.

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What are those steps?

Number one, you must actually subscribe! At the top and bottom of this page you’ll see an opt-in form where you can put your name and email and you will be redirected to another video where you’ll see how fast you can grow an online business with my as your coach and mentor.

Number two, you must join one of the opportunities so that I can help you start earning money as soon as possible. You can’t make any money if you don’t have a product to sell. Not only am I going to show you what opportunities I’m a part of, I will every once in a while give you inside information on all 2014 mlm prelaunch opportunities that are about to take place so that you can have an edge over your competitors.

So listen to my videos, digest the training, and join any of the opportunities I present to you as soon as possible so that I can change your financial life for the better.

Number three, don’t skip around. Don’t jump into a million MLM Sponsoring Systems and opportunities. If you try to do too much at a time you will most definitely fail! You will frustrate yourself, you will become increasingly irritated, and you will quit before you even begin. So please don’t skip around.

I myself belong to only two main work from home business opportunities. Those are ENV2 Empower Network and Wake up now.

Number four, read my emails, view all the trainings, and make sure you don’t have too many so called gurus selling you a bunch of ideas and potential opportunities that only they are succeeding at. Join my community where not only am I making money, but thousands of others.

Sounds good?

Ok then subscribe now, create your free IPAS 2 Account as I say up above, and check your emails. I’ll see you on the other side and I look forward to you being a true success story.

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business ideas for dummies

ipas2 prelaunch

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